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Morning Routine for Mom


What happens when you don’t have a morning routine?

Without a morning routine for mom, you probably wake up to your adorable tiny alarm clocks (aka those kiddos). Before you even get out of bed, someone is probably fighting with a sibling, another kid is telling you that he wet the bed, and somebody is probably excitedly teaching you the names to ALL the dinosaurs.

And you haven’t met with Jesus or your coffee yet.

This isn’t how I enjoy waking up in the morning. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you probably don’t, either.

Most moms love the idea of getting up before the kids, but there are some roadblocks. Let’s talk about how to get past those!


I can’t have a morning routine because I have littles!


This is why it’s SO awesome to teach your kids to stay in bed until you come to get them! Or use an Ok to Wake Clock, or something similar.
Even if your kids are used to getting out of bed whenever they decide in the mornings, you can teach them to start staying in bed until you come get them. This is the first step to more peaceful mornings with little kids!


I can’t have a morning routine because I’m too tired!


I know you are, but it doesn’t have to always be like that! If you have a newborn and are waking at night to feed frequently, yeah, you’re going to be tired. Sleep should be the priority right now, even if it means you only do a 5 minute morning routine.

But if you don’t have a newborn, and you’re still regularly tired in the mornings, what can you do?

+Go to bed earlier. Seriously, go to bed 30 minutes earlier every day for two weeks and see how it helps.

+Turn off electronics at least 30 minutes before bed. Yes. That means pinterest, too.

+Diffuse some essential oils in your bedroom overnight. I like cedar wood and lavender!

+Make sure you’re eating enough healthy food. Chronically underrating leaves your body in an energy deficit. That means you don’t have fuel for your day. Which means you’re tired. None of this kid scraps and coffee nonsense. You need to eat, mama!

+Speaking of eating, you’re eating breakfast, right? Every day. No skipping.

+Supplements: If you’ve been pregnant and/or breastfed a baby, your body needs some support. Maternal depletion is a thing, and it can leave you feeling exhausted. So take your vitamins even if you’re not pregnant!


I can’t have a morning routine because my days are unpredictable!


If your husband (or you) has an unpredictable work schedule, this can make it challenging to have a regular morning routine for mom. My hubby is in construction, and the time he leaves the house each day can vary by 3 hours!

Having a morning routine doesn’t mean you never skip it or change the time. It just means you have a normal that you go back to. So maybe some days you have your morning routine at 6:30, and some days it’s the 5 minute morning routine starting at 7. You can be flexible, but still have a goal you’re aiming for!

I usually sit down on Sunday evenings and make a rough plan for my week, including what times I think I’ll start my morning routine, based on our activities, hubby’s work schedule (and the weather), etc. It gives me guidance, without be rigid.

So now that we talked about those common roadblocks, here are 4 reasons to have a morning routine for mom:


4 Reasons to have a Morning Routine for Mom


1. A morning routine for mom helps you start your day off right.


And by right, I mean with thankfulness, some scripture, and a prayer for help from the Holy Spirit before you say good morning to the kids. I mean, if we’re being honest, I think we all know we need it!


2. A morning routine helps you prioritize your day.


I have a much easier time thinking clearly about what I need to get done in a day BEFORE I have three #caveboys clamoring for breakfast.


3. A morning routine helps you be more productive all day long.


When you take a few minutes to plan and prioritize your day, you’ll be more focused and productive until evening! This is because you have clear goals, rather than just reacting to each spill and sibling squabble that comes up. Bonus: when you have a clear plan, it’s easier to involve your kiddos in your work because you know what’s up!


4. A morning routine for mom makes sure you’re taking care of yourself every day.


Self-care for mamas is so important, and by starting the day with a morning routine, you’ll make sure this stays a priority in your life. You matter, too, mama, so don’t neglect your own needs!


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